NC CAP Major Initiatives


NC CAP Professional Development Framework

Through numerous statewide surveys over the years, professional development for the afterschool and expanded learning field continues to be reported as a priority need.  Starting in 2008, NC CAP began to address those professional development needs. As a result, NC CAP has worked with 20+ national, state, and local organizations to establish a comprehensive professional development framework that will improve the quality of practitioners while being affordable, accessible and practical, more importantly will be impactful to the students and communities served.   

NC CAP Program Quality Initiative

NC CAP Quality Corp



Hours of Opportunity Campaign

NC CAP’s ‘3 to 6’ campaign proposal builds on the network’s reputation as the state’s “voice” of afterschool by uniting over 35 partners to address afterschool accessibility and sustainability.  The ‘3 to 6’ campaign will build public will through raising awareness about the importance of afterschool programs by focusing on the hours of 3pm to 6pm. Goals of the ‘3 to 6’ campaign include influencing policy to build and sustain both new and existing out-of-school time programs, positioning NC CAP at the forefront of the policy arena to reinstate lost afterschool funding streams as the economy recovers in future years, and creating sustainable new funding streams to support and strengthen existing programs.



Research & Evaluation

NC Informal Education Research consoritum


NC CAP is partnering with the state’s key leaders in STEM to advance opportunities for STEM education in afterschool programs and other out-of-school time settings.   NC CAP is building innovative regional Afterschool STEM hubs in the Charlotte, Triad, and Triangle regions to bring together a diverse group of state and local community STEM partners to infuse STEM programming, professional development, and mentorships into afterschool programs in these regions.  To kick off this pilot initiative, NC CAP is partnering with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences to host a statewide annual Youth STEM Summit to empower and inspire youth from across the state to return to their communities and develop STEM projects that involve strong museum, school, and community partnerships, as well as connections with college-aged community mentors and apprenticeships. 


Healthy Out of School Time (HOST)



Town hall meetings


NC CAP’s annual SYNERGY conference reaches 500 afterschool directors, front-line staff, state administrators, and funders from across the state with keynote speakers, over 30 workshops, and a plethora of networking opportunities. SYNERGY is held in collaboration with the NC Department of Public Instruction. Visit for information on this year's Synergy Conference, scheduled for April 3-5, 2017 in Charlotte, NC.