Hours of Opportunity Campaign

NC CAP’s Hours of Opportunity Campaign: Afterschool for All builds on the network’s reputation as the state’s “voice” of afterschool by uniting over 5,000 afterschool programs serving more than 150,000 children and youth with the support of 35 key policy partners to address afterschool & expanded learning accessibility and sustainability. 

The Hours of Opportunity campaign works to build public will through raising awareness about the importance of afterschool and expanded learning programs by focusing on the times in which students are not in formal classrooms — a critical time national research shows as peak hours for criminal and gang activity; criminal victimization of children; experimentation with sex, drugs, tobacco and alcohol; and teenage car accidents. 

In addition, children in areas without a safe place to go and be active during 3pm to 6pm, weekends, track-out and summer breaks face increased chances of obesity and ensuing health issues.

Goals of the Hours of Opportunity Campaign

Goals of the Hours of Opportunity campaign include

Through this campaign, NC CAP will deepen its advocacy work from the grassroots to the grass tops through the leadership of a smaller, high-level policy board composed of business leaders, foundation officials and individuals respected in policymaking circles. 

NC CAP will work to engage federal, state, and local political champions as advocates. Efforts include conducting statewide policy summits every two yeart, hosting legislative breifings and fostering elected official site visits to afterschool programs. NC CAP will work to build and empower local afterschool and expanded learning coalitions to continue the effort of ensuring high quality programs for all students in North Carolina.