STEM Partnership Coordinator Position

Position Description:

**** This is a grant funded position *****

The STEM Partnership Coordinator will work with NC CAP to create and sustain an integrated system of services, partnerships, programs and resources to support the afterschool/expanded learning programs in grades K-12 STEM enrichment program.  The STEM Coordinator responsibilities include organizing, assisting, and promoting interdisciplinary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities through afterschool/expanded learning programs by integration of successful strategies and multiple technologies to promote high-tech learning, to ensure students gain the necessary edge to compete and succeed in the global economy. 

General Responsibilities:

The STEM Partnership Coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing a plan of action to partner with community based agencies, which may include but not limited to local businesses, colleges and universities, health and hospital organizations, faith based organizations to support afterschool/expanded learning programming around STEM initiatives. 

1. Partnership Development

A. Develop inventory of afterschool STEM resources, services, and programs to support academic enrichment programs
B. Recruit a diversity of partners that most align with plans
C. Develop MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and agreements with STEM partners

2.Program Coordination and Quality Assurance

A. Prepare STEM resources for meetings and conferences.
B. Present information using PowerPoint presentations to teachers, staff, families, students, etc.
C. Collect, maintain and report data
D. Prepare an integrated system of STEM services for targeted
E. Coordinate internships, site visits, and collaborations with businesses and community organizations as stated above
F. Report on outcomes, assess the program and recommend improvements as required
G. Explore the utilization of a variety of measurement tools
H. Collaborate with partners on the design and implementation of a STEM Fair demonstrating STEM best practices for students and educators.
I. Coordinate and participate in STEM Curriculum Workshops.
J. Facilitate the integration of STEM (not clear) beyond the classroom through STEM speakers, field trips, mentors and other resources for more experiential learning experiences
K. Aid in the development of the following: STEM professional development (virtual and F2F), STEM technical assistance, and STEM evaluation and research (op-eds, white papers, etc.).

3. Communication and Alignment
A. Set up communication systems with all stakeholders and STEM resources and partners

4. Financial Management and Fund Development
A. Research and develop resource development inventory to support and sustain STEM enrichment programming that enhances student engagement and learning across the state
B. Research grant and funding opportunities to expand programming

5. Partnership Development
A. Integrate STEM resources from varying partners
B. Coordinate and act as the liaison between all external partners and relationships involving STEM
C. Invite key STEM partners to join Regional Hubs and/or State Afterschool STEM Advisory

6. Communication and Alignment
A. Assist in developing and implementing a communication plan for Afterschool STEM detailing opportunities and progress
B. Network with others in the STEM field, and develop collaborative relationships

7. Financial Management and Fund Development
A. Research opportunities to increase funding sources

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelors degree in related field required, Masters Degree or higher preferred
2. Substantial prior experience working in STEM related field
3. Project management skills; ability to manage time and complete assignments on-time accurately
4. Previous grant writing experience
5.Knowledge of public school setting
6. Home-base with travel to STEM sites
7. Monthly Meeting (Face to Face or Virtual)

Position Type: Part-time

Please submit resume and cover letter to:

For Additional Information Contact:
Del L. Ruff
NC Center for Afterschool Programs
3729 National Drive, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC, 27612
(919) 781-6833, ext. 115