NC CAP Program Self-Assessment

North Carolina Center for Afterschool Programs (NC CAP) examined how programs best support children and youth. Representing the diversity of North Carolina afterschool programs, the NC CAP Board considered the thinking and experience of providers, researchers, and other professionals, in North Carolina and across the country, to determine what high quality programs have in common.  In response, the center endorses nine quality indicators:

Goals for Program Management and Delivery

Goals for Program Connections

Goals for Program Participants

Understanding that improving quality is an on-going process that includes careful self-assessment, NC CAP hopes to offer a useful tool that can help programs chart their progress in each of these areas.  To download the Self-Assessment Tool, click here.

Parallel ways for programs to gauge whether they meet quality goals, include:

1. National AfterSchool Association Standards for Quality School-Age Care Accreditation Guideline

2. N.C. Division of Child Development Licensure: 4- or 5-Star Levels

3. School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale Assessment